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Got a lil dro. a nigga chillin by his lone
puff puff inhale now I'm stoned.
I am off work, baby I'm home!
Call me pretty glass, i stayed gettin blowed
Ima Keep it heavy, dont lighten my load
Can't speak it simple - LiveJournal be the code
...Knewsomehoes gettin hoed?
Hold up - we done been down this road.
I stay movin fast, but there aint been no slower time
YOU WANNA PLAY GAMES? I'm Bironas in overtime
you cant get over mine
standards?hmm i must've lowered mine
it's time for fast foward (foe-ward) time
eat em up. but where do i go to dine?
still thinkin fast they say zane gotta motor-mind
bottom of the lake thats where foes goes of mine
leave em for the county po-po ta find
you got weak hustle leave it to ya hoes ta grind
you can lose your mind, i have disposed of mine
im sposed ta grind
im sposed to shine
The hoes say c'mon, i tell them hoes "fine".
across the club, you can tell them hoes fine.
bout ta make one them hoes mine.
we all got goons, but nobody knows mine.
leave em washed up hangin on the clothesline.
im done...cut the beat off...
sticks and stones

another missed oppurtunity [16 Feb 2009|02:00pm]
thoughts often end in a quite convincing rally
Now i'm all about the east coast, i lost my chance with Cali
perhaps because I have spent so much time thinking
distracted by the waves, didn't realize I was sinking.
everyone one is deaf, or no one wants to hear
i simply tell myself I'll be louder next year.
of course the pondering doesn't change that time is up,
you're done with me, like this rhyme is fucking up.
sticks and stones

... I started high with two O's just like OHIO... [04 Mar 2008|12:05am]
[ mood | pleased ]

get a new high, right off this low lean
really dig the way that i seem to be floating
crashin thru the waves, my new hobby...boating
makin my way thru this cherry sea of codeine
lost my paddles but i'm rowing and rowing
too cold to make it rain, i get it snowing
grab another blunt, like the wind i am blowing
do it by myself, cheifin it dolo
higher than the stars an ya boy han solo
my sprite the same color as Kanye's favorite polo
therefore i'm throwed like my buddy Tony Romo
or maybe i'm throwed like some major league pitchin
i dont cut my nails the way my face be itchin
make some mo sprite in the family kitchen
an hit anotha blunt befo my mama start bitchin
never coming down, because that shit too steep
headin to the edge, a nigga start to creep
let my eyes roll back, and enjoy my sleep.

sticks and stones

[30 Aug 2007|12:29pm]
[ mood | fuck you ]

Dear missed calls and texts of yesterday,

No, i was not out of green. No, i was not busy. No, i was not at church. I took too many darvocets. And simply fell asleep watching family guy/ eating my dinner. Lucky for me, my mom never noticed the right side of my face submerged in my red beans and rice. Accidental overdose if i ever saw one myself. Oh, and sorry Coach "Whitt", as you preferred to be called, I wont be at practice today. It's my personal belief that you are gay and football is gay. You, being the phenomenal coach that you are, are quite talented in turning something fun into pure fucking suck. But i will continue to play, not because i want to help to the team. But because i'm at a rather angry time in my life and I enjoy hurting people. So as soon as we put pads on and it becomes full contact, perhaps i will help the team, but i plan to hurt the team.

I dont like bitch ass niggas.
A stunted mother fucker approaches you and gets close to your face yelling about some shit you have nothing to do with and making threats of how he is gonna make you pay, so you hit him in the jaw. Now, tell me why everyone is mad at you? Then you hear the remark "I can't believe you would hit your friend like that!" Shit, no friend of mine gets in my face yelling about some girl and making threats that are that of fairy tale proportion.


1 broken bone] [ sticks and stones

back the fuck up. [26 Aug 2007|12:05am]
[ mood | awake ]

I went to murfreesboro yesterday. I went to help move michelle and rachel into their dorm. AK was having a party in the boro so i stayed up there for a while. First off, michelle and rachel's dorm is that bullshit. It really looked like the number one pick for the next Saw movie. It was like a concentration camp with a lil education on the side. They unpacked their stuff and rearranged the beds, it made the place look alot different. It now looked like a mesh between Girls Gone Wild and Saw 4. Which overall wouldnt serve as a bad movie. Anyway me and tyler left and went over to AK's apartment. Which was badass. I mean apartments are cool, this apartment was cold. We played many a matches of beer pong. We won some, we lost some, either way it was a win. It started storming, i deemed it time to head back to the ville. But rachel and michelle had said they were at the walmart. Tyler was drunk and wanted to walk around walmart. So fuck it. We go in walmart. I get some mcdonalds and call rachel. They are in the checkout line. I told rachel to tell michelle to raise her hand so i could see which line they were in. Michelle was embarrassed to raise her hand. So she wouldnt do it. We stayed on the phone for 15 minutes looking for each other until we realized we were in two different walmarts. Ha. Wow. So we go to the car and drive home in the storm. rather than going slow like everyone else, we went 85. Alot of times rain slows traffic down. But it seems the faster you go in rain, the faster you will get home. This is also true in the sunshine. But it wasnt sunny. It was storming.

sticks and stones

check out these dance moves. [05 Aug 2007|01:54pm]
[ mood | good ]

i just got back to Raleigh, NC. i was at Kill Devil Hills in the outer banks of NC. So yeah i was at the beach it was awesome. I really wanna save some money and take some friends out there. But, it's like a 16 hour drive from Nashville to the Outer Banks. Anyway, i return to nashvegas on tuesday, there i shall conquer each and every historic site / national park one interesting fact at a time. Ha. I dont know where the hell that came from. But good day to you live journal.

sticks and stones

[28 Jul 2007|03:13am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

so, it's a little after three in the morning. in less than five hours i have my frist of three defensive drivng classes. it starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. fuuuuuuuuuuuck. ah. atleast my license wont be suspended.

mother if you're reading this then i'm dead. but know your boy was something great. you may be ashamed of the things i've done, but two worlds away from here, i'm something to be proud of. i'm what movies are made of. i've got stories to tell. if my life was a book there would be interested readers, confused, but interested. everyday full of adrenaline. i love it. if these so happen to be the last years i live, then i'm glad my last years will be my best. 

BOY! where'd ya run off to with muh house slippas?

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Good morning, i'm sleeping. [23 Jul 2007|12:25pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I cannot tell what is a dream and what is not.
When it comes to money, whats enough and whats alot?
Can't see if it's a loose end or knot.
I'll just wait for the sign that says stop.
Or wait for the beep.
Until then i'm asleep.
Away from all the cool fucking high kids.
My new favorite color is the back of my eyelids.

sticks and stones

[23 Jul 2007|12:00am]
what the fuck? now i can post a new entry? man. whatever. gimme something to write about.
sticks and stones

[21 Jul 2007|02:13am]
[ mood | chipper ]

its three something in the morning. wow. tonight was awesome. good times. kickin it with cameron. wow. not alot to say. hmm.

no officer, if i had anything illegal on me, why would i be driving like this? silly policeman.

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[19 Jul 2007|11:40am]
[ mood | headache ]

for some reason i cant post a new entry. i can only edit old ones. this one on top is july 22 the one below this is july 19.
any way so ever since the europe trip i've been listening to different/ old music. i've noticed how much things are changing. my wardrobe may kind of alter. i've realized how much i dont really care for big clothes. i've started hanging out with old best friend Cameron. we've been playing guitar and shit, really fun. but the coolest change, my clock ticks in breakdowns. it's the shit. 

so there was this huge flying yellow jacket thing outside of troys house. and man. it was huge. like atleast 5 inches long. troy tried to kill it in a dumb fashion by smacking it with the cooler. the bug got pissed, everyone got pissed at troy for making the bug mad so natrually insults were thrown. troy got called steve-o. man it was hilarious. because does resemble steve-o. anyway. 

basically, back to what i was saying, the movielife is the best band ever that ever existed and never got noticed.

 make it rain.
get your umbrella.
i make it flood
get your boat.

guys seriously. i'm at my house. i just woke up. my car isnt outside...and i should have atleast one dollar. i dont. like i def remember going to mcdonalds last night in MY car spending MY money. i got a double cheeseburger. if i spent my money then there was def some change. bdfhgsadkjh fjkdshialfids ufidsjipiu dsua. ahhhhhh! yeah so i have my wallet and all that. i have no cash. no car. no car keys. perhaps livejournal isnt what i should be doing right now. ha, man i should have never taken those last night...

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[16 Jul 2007|10:18am]
ok. livejournal was fun when i rediscovered it just because it was cool to read the things i had written. livejournal isnt as fun anymore. mainly because everyone grew out of it and moved on to bigger better things such as myspace. fuck you myspace, fuck you. aright so to everyone who reads this blog of a thing, you need to make a livejournal account and make comments, my journal is lonely. you dont have to post entries, just comments. : ) So yes this means you mimi, marshall, and byron.
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[16 Jul 2007|12:17am]
[ mood | good ]

its sunday night. no i take that back its early monday. tomorrow i'm going to the dentist. i think i am gonna purchase a new retainer, nothing against homosexuals but i like my teeth straight. i'm supposed to hang out with dylan, we'll see if that happens. kai is still on my case about going to see harry potter in the imax, it's a "3D experience." we may go and do that. right now i'm making a mixtape for the only person that reads my livejournal, yes that means you. if you have to think twice about whether or not i'm talking to you really, then it probably isnt you. but either way it takes me back to the good ol music days. man some of these breakdowns would smash your face in. really. 

lil wayne lyrics of the day :

Self made G, and them bitches know the business.
Relying on rap, but in the kitchen I'm a chemist,
And when I was 5, my favorite movie was "The Gremlins"
Ain't got shit to do with this, but I just thought that I should mention,
You looking for devine and the little intervention,
And them birds don't fly, without my permission,
I'm probably in the sky, flying with the fishes,
Or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the pigeons,
See my world is different,
Like Dwayne Wayne,
And if you want trouble, bitch, I want the same thing,

well i cleaned my room and closet up the other day. and i found some really cool stuff such as : a golf club. two guitar cases. and a guitar!! yes. there really was a classical guitar hidden beneath the depths of my closet. i found some old shirts. some old socks and whole lot of empty cigarette packs...yeah. well livejournal, dont let the bed bugs bite. good night.

sticks and stones

this is all true by the way. [10 Jul 2007|12:36pm]
so yesterday i was with jeremy. it starts raining. we soon discovered that we both disliked the rain. boo rain. jeremy said look "it's sunny over there." i said " well gee jeremy that looks like kentucky." so at that point it was obvious, we had to go to kentucky. so bam three hours later at the mall in lexington. jeremy and i got mad at eachother after a competitive game of 'i bet i count more black people than you.'  he cheated. it was clear that we only saw two african americans. jeremy said he saw three. its not fair if you count yourself. either way. so then we found a hotel. holiday inn express sweets. oooh. yes the suites were sweet. then along came my friend from europe. we went to a few ice cream spots, they were all closed. early. for different reasons. hmm somethings not right here. people dont acknowledge it yet, but those ice cream people are serious. my uncle's in the ICA. i tell ya Ice Creamers of America is not a joke. So rather than fucking around with the wrong guys, we settled for starbucks. then i started seein vampires. crazy russian vampires. it was a movie ofcourse but it was cool as hell. well the dvd box said it was "cool as hell." so i must agree. woke up this morning had a free breakfast at the hotel. some how got back to nashville in less than 2 hours. my room has got to be cleaned. good day.
sticks and stones

[15 May 2007|08:20pm]
i got my ACT scores the other day. that was exciting. i'm not tellin anyone what i made. it wasnt bad. it's just i could do better. i didnt have a calculator and i kinda had a hangover but my score was cool for college. but a nigga would rather have a score cool for scholarship.  dude live journal is blowin it right now.  
sticks and stones

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